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    Jun 2018

    Sold motorcycle, new owner racking up tickets in my name...WTD?


    In August, I sold my beloved FZR600 to a kid at a local university (Northwestern) for cash. I signed over the title to him and had him sign a bill of sale, of which I kept a copy. Fast forward a month, and I get a call from a local agency telling me that they've pulled over some dude on my bike and wanted to make sure his papers are legit. This is when I realized that I'd left the plate, registration paperwork, and my insurance card on the bike. I asked that he remove and destroy the plate and reg paperwork and we'd be good (i'd already cancelled the insurance...in illinois, the plate is to the owner, not the vehicle). He said he'd comply. That brings us to today. My dad called me up and said that I'd received a bill from the Northwestern University police, saying I owe them a few hundred bucks in unpaid parking tickets since the bike registered to me had parked in some reserved spaces. Apparently this assclown's still using my plate and registration. I've fired off an email telling him what's transpired, and requesting a time to pick up my plate from him. I called up the .edu's police and they seemed somewhat apathetic, since legally the bike is still registered to me. I have to say I don't fault them for their stance.So...what's my next course of action here?

    Please help.

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    Aug 2018
    Gravataí RS
    you should look for indications that prove that the bike is no longer yours, and present the authorities, ridding your name of being guilty. I do not know the laws of your country, but here in Brazil there is the bulletin of occurrence, which proves what happened.

    (sorry for the spelling mistakes, I'm using the translator)

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    Dec 2020
    Try to search for indications that prove that the bike is no longer yours.



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