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    Aug 2022

    Close bodyguard

    "You don't understand." Jiang Yanzi shook his head. I understand. Ye Qiu said stubbornly. The two of them looked at each other, and the room was very quiet, and the atmosphere was strange and ambiguous. Ye Qiu. Jiang Yanzi called softly. Ye Qiu did not answer her, suddenly stretched out his hands, hugged her into his arms, and then hugged her crazily. As if Jiang Yanzi had been ignited in the depths of her body for many years, she panted, groaned, and hugged Ye Qiu with all her strength. Without any hindrance, Ye Qiu's tongue entered her mouth, which still smelled of tobacco. Jiang Yanzi's head was like a sudden explosion, letting Ye Qiu's tongue hook, suck, suck, and wrap around her lilac uvula. After adapting to Ye Qiu's attack rhythm, Jiang Yanzi's tongue began to wake up slowly. Follow suit to tease Ye Qiu's tongue, although the action is still very astringent. Ye Qiu couldn't wait and began to reach out to untie her small suit jacket. Lips also began to move down,Magnesium Oxide powder, from her eyebrows, nose, neck, to her chest. The small suit jacket with only one button was soon unbuttoned by Ye Qiu, who began to unbutton her white shirt one by one. Ye Qiu. Ye Qiuyi "Jiang Yanzi hugged Ye Qiu's head and pressed it into her bosom.". It seems to refuse. And seems to be greeting. I want to go deeper. Go deeper. Because at this time Ye Qiu is squatting slightly, kissing on the skin of Jiang Yanzi,Magnesium Oxide powder, which is as smooth and tender as the first snow. All the way down, until she stayed in the crisp chest like a fragrant pear. Plump, tall and straight, pink at the top. A pair of meat pigeons are like virgins. Ye Qiu knew that her body could not bear such a degree of teasing, and loosened the grain of flesh, which was as big as a grape. His right hand slid down and touched the button on her skirt. Jiang Yanzi grabbed Ye Qiu's hand, winked like silk, and said in a weak voice, "Ye Qiu.". Not here, okay? This is the office. Only she knew how hard it was to endure. Ye Qiu looked down at his lower body and smiled bitterly. I made love with Lan Kexin several times last night, and my physical strength should be exhausted. I didn't expect to have such a strong one today. This shows that Jiang Yanzi's charm is very great. Fine Ye Qiusong opened Jiang Yanzi and nodded helplessly. If they don't want to, don't they want to be strong? In that case, Magnesium Oxide price ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, what's the difference? Seeing Ye Qiu's regretful expression, Jiang Yanzi hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Someone will come in.". You go and lock the door. "What?" Ye Qiu's face was full of joy. Then it dawned on me. He ran quickly to the door and locked the door of the office. Unbuttoning the skirt, Jiang Yanzi sat on the table and lifted it, so that Ye Qiu could take it off. Inside is a pair of black underwear, two legs tightly clamped together, squeezing out a mysterious tight seam. In the case of Ye Qiu with a little brute force, it was difficult to take off her underwear. No, her legs are too tight. When Ye Qiu quickly stripped off his clothes like a rabbit and stripped himself naked, the two became honest with each other. Ye Qiu. Come in Jiang Yanzi knew that there was no way to avoid it, so she simply separated her legs very cooperatively. Chapter 635, rush the crown to be a beauty in anger! Who is playing the harp in the blue tent and the green clouds, floating into the rustling trees? Filled with Shanshan, it teaches people how to continue shopping. Who is singing in the red smoke and rain? Scattered water is more sparkling. Wandering leisurely and letting go Teach people how not to entice pity. Ye Qiu's overbearing attack inspired Jiang Yanzi to bury her passion in her body for 20 years. The two of them blended with each other. You have me, I have you, and the body is one. She hugged Ye Qiu desperately and almost rubbed the man into her body. The two men performed a frantic sprint on the huge and luxurious desk. "The hard and heavy marble table also made a rattling sound.". Jiang Yanzi is like crying, which makes people's bones crisp for several minutes. Under Ye Qiu's love and pity, Jiang Yanzi is the best of women. No one would have thought that this woman, who had always been strong, could be so weak. Women, after all, are women! When Ye Qiu felt that she was a virgin, she also wanted to slow down and attack again. But I didn't think she would take the initiative to lift her buttocks to cooperate. The pain of the broken melon only made her frown slightly, which was nothing to her. When Ye Qiu released all his love and energy in Jiang Yanzi's body, they fell on the table like a pool of mud. The tabletop is smooth and hard, and the special texture of marble makes the naked back a little cold. But what are these men and women who are just excited and happy? There was a mess on the table and papers were scattered on the floor. There was a pool of blood in the corner of the table, and the scarlet color almost hurt Ye Qiu's eyes. This woman is really admirable. However, what makes Ye Qiu feel even more incredible is that even though she has not enjoyed the love of men and women, how can she still have that layer of membrane when she usually exercises so much? Jiang Yanzi reached for the cigarette, lit it and took a deep puff. Ye Qiu snatched it from her mouth and said, "Women should smoke less.". It's bad for the skin. You will be my woman in the future, and I don't like bad skin. When he spoke, he put the cigarette into his mouth and smoked it tastefully. Uh Jiang Yanzi answered in a low voice. Ye Qiu was so surprised that he almost rolled down from the table. In his impression, when he said that about her, she ignored it, and then took another cigarette and lit it. As if aware of Ye Qiu's expression, Jiang Yanzi sighed softly and said, "No woman wants to grow old so fast.". Even if you are well prepared,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, you will still feel unprepared when you find the first crow's feet in the mirror. "You finally think of yourself as a woman." Ye Qiu tut tut praise. After exhaling a mouthful of smoke, he complimented, "But you are really feminine." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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    Feb 2024
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