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    Aug 2022

    I deliver takeout in the world by Krypton Gold Ou Huang

    The King of Atlantis also placed the Trident of the Sea Emperor in this place, guarded by Colson, the leader of the sea monster. "We have come to the land of sea monsters. This place is too terrible. Let's get up and get ready to fight!" Said Mera! Then, directly is to stand up, hands suddenly merged together! Beyond Jinlongyu oil boats, a barrier of sea water was formed directly! It looks very beautiful, and this is the special ability of Princess Mera! She can control the water! Any form of water in her hands can become the most powerful means of attack or defense, can be called water magician! However! Right now! Sudden mutation at the bottom of the sea! Chapter 1022 protect our Asia! One second to remember [fan building.org], wonderful free reading without pop-up window! At this very moment! Just as Princess Mera opened a water shield with water control magic, a sudden change occurred at the bottom of the sea! From the bottom of the incomparably dark sea, suddenly poured out of countless monsters, these monsters jagged, three heads and six arms! All kinds of weird and horrible claws look like aliens! Dense, millions of people, directly toward Ye Chen they rushed over! This horrible scene is like a swarm of wasps roaring past! Shit! The king of the sea is shocked! A look of fear! This situation, not to mention his king of the sea, even if the elite team of Atlantis,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, will be gnawed to pieces! These little guys are terrible, they have no wisdom, only the most primitive animal instinct, see the living animals on a rush to nibble away! Like an insect! It can be said to be horrible! The scariest animals in the world are not lions and tigers, but insects such as locusts! Locusts cross the border, and even a hundred thousand tigers can be eaten up! This is still the case when locusts are very small! If they had grown hundreds of times in size,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, the earth would have been theirs! Ye Chen frowned! Looking at the dense sea of monsters in front of us, hundreds of thousands or even millions of monsters form a huge phalanx, which looks like a dense swarm of locusts! "Don't be afraid, just go straight!" "We must break through this group!" Only when you reach the bottom of the sea can you get the Trident of the Sea Emperor! This is the location of the Trident of the Sea Emperor! "I need a man to stand on the bow and charge!" Ye Chen raised his arms and shouted! "Stormtroopers as weapons, and then I drive this Jinlongyu airship as fast as I can through this group of monsters!" Ye Chen said calmly! Now there is only this way, there is another way to jump in space again, but Ye Chen is not willing to spend that ten million points! Every point of the world points is their own hard work to save down! Never waste it! "I'll do it, I'll charge, you fly the ship!" At an extremely critical moment, Said the king of the sea excitedly! It has always been Ye Chen who charged into battle and killed the enemy to protect Ya. Now it's finally time for Ya, the king of the sea, to show his performance. It's time for him to repay his kindness! "Mr. Yechen!" "You can rest with Merah on the boat, alumina c799 ,Kamado bbq grill, and I'll shelter you from the wind and rain outside!" Ye Chen was slightly stunned! One Piece still has a little consciousness! You know, Mera was originally the girlfriend of the King of the Sea, but now she has nothing to do with the King of the Sea, but she has a good impression on Ye Chen! But the king of the sea was so interesting that he left Ye Chen and Mera alone in a room, and he was a boatman outside! Make room for Yechen and Mera ~ This boy is too sensible! ~? Descendants of the royal family of Atlantis, that's how conscientious they are! The king of the sea pulled out his trident, which had broken in two! Directly towards the impact of these insects! Standing in front of Jinlongyu oil boats! Bang, bang, bang! The sound of banging is endless! The king of the sea, holding the tip of the trident in his right hand and the stick at the back of the trident in his left hand, played directly! Every time there is an undersea monster flying hundreds of meters, directly at the bottom of the sea into pieces, the strength of the king of the sea, speed, and combat skills, can be seen! "I'm ahead, and you keep moving forward!" The king of the sea roared! Then stood in the front of the Jinlongyu airship, Ye Chen two words do not say, directly is to start the throttle! Ye Chen drives Jinlongyu airship, and the king of the sea stands in the front of finance and airship, like a charging knight! Countless sea monsters turned into ashes under the hands of the king of the sea, a stick in one hand and a fork in the other, dancing like a tiger! In addition, Ye Chenkai's Jinlongyu airship is extremely fast, which brings unparalleled impulse and momentum to the king of the sea! Let him have no disadvantage! The king of the sea is very happy to kill! The other side is the monster of thousands of horses, and the king of the sea is the general who rushed into the enemy, killing! However, under such a dense offensive, the king of the sea also suffered a little damage! Some monster sharp minions, directly is to pierce the skin of the king of the sea, although the king of the sea invulnerable, but there is a limit, not like Kryptonian Superman as absolutely invincible! Ye Chen frowned slightly! The king of the sea can't die. If he dies, who will give himself a red envelope and five-star praise? But Ye Chen is flying Jinlongyu airship at this time, and has no time to attend to him, so. He gave a loud shout at Mera! "Protect my Fang Ya!" "Good!" Said Merah crisply! Then, all kinds of magic are released! She closed her eyes, her beautiful forehead suddenly appeared a trace of blue,Ceramic Bobbin, and then the whole radius of hundreds of meters of sea water surged up! The sea turns into countless sharp swords! Go to slay the monster beside Ya! And Mera sits on the copilot, constantly using magic skills to attack and defend! In her hands, the sea changed into all kinds of shapes! global-ceramics.com

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    May 2023
    You can t let Ah Huang or the elf go, can you Seeing the little guy who was as bad ice cream

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    Geometry Dash Future: Anticipate the future of Geometry Dash. With an ever-growing community and a dedicated development team, the game's future promises exciting updates, challenging levels, and a continued legacy in the world of gaming.



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