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    Sep 2022

    Destiny (set of 2 volumes)

    Tao Yi stamped her foot: "Don't be poor with me!"! I don't have time to talk to you now. You seriously think about it. No matter what you do in Gaoshida, I can always protect you a little, which is a hundred times better than you are now. Do you hear me? Be sure to call me when you get to Shenzhen. Then he hurried away. By the time she returned to the soft sleeper car, Tao Yi was already sweating. In fact, the door of the private room where she and Zhang Gong were sitting had been open since she left. From time to time, Zhang Gong looked out from the crack of the door and peeped at Tao Yi. Tao Yi stood in the narrow corridor for a little while, let himself sweat, calm down, and then turned to the private room. Seeing Tao Yi coming into the private room, Zhang Gong hurriedly left the crack of the door and lay back on his bunk. Chapter 80 Late night. Gu Tingyun has gone to bed. Suddenly, she was awakened by a noise outside the door. The speaker is not far from the door of the intensive care unit. Gu Tingyun, who already had some insomnia,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, immediately sat up and turned on the headlight of the bed. But then the sound outside the door suddenly disappeared again. There was a return of the extraordinary, and at times particularly spacious, secluded silence peculiar to hospitals. But after a little while, the noise began to ring again,smartboard for business, although the sound was even lower, but in the space of the late night ward, it still sounded very incongruous. Gu Tingyun gently got out of bed, just walked to the door, wanted to push the door out to see what happened, but the door was pushed open by the people outside first. Outside the door stood the night nurse and the pony. Seeing the pony "rush" directly to the hospital so late, Gu Tingyun instinctively felt that something big must have happened to Song Zinan. Her heart tightened and she stayed there without opening her mouth. Something happened to Old Song? Gu Tingyun asked dully. No Nothing much has happened. Don't worry. Don't worry.. The pony quickly comforted him. Tell me the truth. Gu Tingyun became stern. You promise me first, don't tell Secretary Song, I'll come to you tonight. The pony stammered for a moment and asked. Certain Gu Tingyun promised. Secretary Song stood up with some of the leaders at the meeting today. The pony hesitated for a moment and then said. Go on. "He tried his best to defend Shenzhen, digital touch screen board ,86 smart board, which made the leaders who presided over the meeting very unhappy. He has ordered all the members of the Standing Committee of our city to come to Guangzhou overnight. Tomorrow they will talk directly with all the members of the Standing Committee and unify their ideas.." Aunt Tingyun, please persuade Secretary Song. Don't go on like this. Song Zinan is not alone in Shenzhen. Let them scold whoever they like. What can we do if we finish scolding Shenzhen? What can we do if we finish scolding China? But it's hard to say what will happen to him personally if he stays as hard as he is. After saying that, the pony pleaded again, asking Aunt Tingyun not to tell the secretary that he had come here and hurried back to the Pearl Island Hotel. In the morning, Song Zinan had not slept yet, and he had been sorting out some written materials all night. In order not to disturb the comrades in charge in the next room, he drew the curtains, which made the room very dark. The pony sat aside. Song Zinan said without raising his head: "It's all right.". You go to sleep for a while. Let me check these figures again. The pony did not move, but glanced at the clock on the wall, as if waiting for something. Song Zinan said, "Hey, did you hear that?"? Don't dawdle about here, hurry up and get some sleep! Soon it will be bright. The pony glanced up at the clock on the wall again. Song Zinan said, "What are you waiting for?"? Watch the clock and don't go to bed! Walk quickly The pony had to stand up. "You should have a rest, too Â…" Song Zinan waved his hand to him without raising his head: "All right, all right, go to sleep!" At that moment, the telephone rang. The pony shook. Song Zinan also trembled and immediately looked up at the telephone. The telephone rang stubbornly. Song Zinan picked up the telephone: "The guard room?"? I am Song Zinan. Someone came to see me? Who is it so early? My wife? Gu Tingyun? When the pony heard that Aunt Gu had finally come, he quietly breathed a sigh of relief and quickly slipped away. But Song Zinan didn't let him go. "Ma Minghua!" He shouted. The pony stopped in front of the door. Song Zinan threw down his pen: "What the hell are you doing with me?!" The pony pretended to be innocent. "What am I doing?"? What the hell am I doing? Song Zinan smiled coldly and said, "Did you go to find your aunt Gu?" The pony spread out his hands and said, "No." No.. I haven't even left here. Song Zinan pressed: "No?"? How dare you say no? The pony was silent. Song Zinan sighed and said, "How can I say hello to you?" Then he strode to the gate. Gu Tingyun had already entered the door of the hotel and was coming in. Song Zinan stopped Gu Tingyun not far from the gate. Then he took Gu Tingyun out of the gate and walked to a quiet tree outside the gate. Song Zinan asked Gu Tingyin: "How do you know that all our standing committee members are invited to the meeting today?" Gu Tingyun said, "Don't ask." Song Zinan said: "This is a very obvious political move, so we must make it clear." "Shenzhen is facing an unprecedented explosion," Gu said. Shouldn't I know? I deserve that information, both publicly and privately. Song Zinan said, "How do they ask you to do my work?" Gu Tingyun stopped talking. Song Zinan said, "Tell me quickly,smart board for conference room, what kind of work do they want you to do?"? Let me admit that the general direction of Shenzhen is wrong? Admit that China should not take the road of reform and opening up? Admit that the Central People's Government's decision to establish the SAR is wrong? Or, let me admit that the Shenzhen Municipal Committee has failed to implement the established policy of the Central Committee? Gu Tingyun said: "I know that these are not things I should ask and intervene in." Song Zinan said, "Then what are you doing here?" 。 hsdsmartboard.com

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    Exactly. Even though that you don't know the exact game or how it works but you know why people are addicted to this kind of game. It was on what you feel and the joy that it gives when you play cookie clicker it with your friends or love ones.



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