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    Sep 2022

    Big brother begged me to save his life.

    Jiang Lingye has always been a housekeeper cooking at home. His feet have never touched the cement floor of the vegetable market, nor touched the scarlet raw meat, nor touched the vegetables with insects. So that day, the vegetable market saw a tall man wearing a hat and a mask, like a dog's tail grass, sticking behind the same dressed woman, pointing to the fresh fruits and vegetables and asking this and that. What kind of food is this? It's so big and different. "Lettuce." "This meat is so strange that it has lines on its body." "Beef is like this." "The fish is really fat and eats a lot." "Tilapia is like this." "What kind of food do you want?" "Do you eat roast duck?" "What's roast duck? I've only had roast goose." “…… Boss, give the country bumpkin half a roast duck to taste. "Country bumpkin" Jiang Lingye: "??" Yan Ruo stuffed all the dishes into Jiang Lingye's hand: "As meal money." "Porter" Jiang Lingye: "??" Back home, Jiang Lingye aggressively threw her a pocket money card: "I will use it to buy vegetables later." "There is no notice now, so I have time to do it myself. In the future, you are busy and I am busy, so I may not be able to eat together. Moreover," Yan Ruo looked at the mentally retarded. "The money in this card is at least five figures. Buying dozens of dishes is totally overqualified, and the vegetable market does not swipe cards." "No," Jiang Lingye said contemptuously,Agate Slabs Countertops, "there are eight figures." …… All right, poverty limits the imagination. During the meal, Jiang Lingye always remembered what happened last night, as well as the "sleeping" of Biju. He tried to ask: "Did you send me home last night?" Yan Ruo: "Well, you are too heavy for the driver to carry." "Too heavy" Jiang Lingye: "??" He gritted his teeth and continued, "Have you seen my father?" "Mmm." Jiang Lingye became nervous: "What did he say?" Yan Ruo: "Tell me to get out." Jiang Lingye's pupil shrank: "Are you all right?" "I said I couldn't roll as round as you." Jiang Lingye was stupefied and burst out laughing. He knew that Yan Ruo would not let himself suffer losses. When he had laughed enough,Calacatta Nano Glass, he said, "Don't say that in front of everyone in the future. He is my father anyway. Next time, I will say it to him secretly." …… He is a father and son like an enemy. Did I do anything rude last night? "Yes." "What?" "Pick your feet." “???” "Pick your nose." “????” "Snoring." “?????” "Scratch your ass." “??????” "None of that." “………………” Believe it or not, he dragged the child and hit it! After knowing that he had not done anything too much, Jiang Lingye went home happily. Halfway, he stepped on the accelerator and reacted later. What does "sleeping" mean? [Sleeping on someone's thigh, trying to force a kiss on someone's leg.] Jiang Lingye: ".." Isn't this an excessive thing! How can he save face! Never mind, just lie down and let her kiss you back. Jiang Lingye:?? Miao Zhou sent a message to Yan Ruo: "Is my good friend still alive?"? Have you been abused by your family? If so, tell me, and I'll go and watch. Yan Ruo replied: "Not dead." Miao Zhou sent an expression covering his heart: "It's a pity to miss a good play." Yan Ruo came straight to the point: "What's the matter?" "I gave my sister your love signature, Agate Slabs For Sale ,Silver Travertine Slabs, and she happily told me to show you." He immediately sent a group photo, Yan Ruo a look, this is not Xie Yun? "Hey, I made a mistake. That's my cousin." Miao Zhou sent another photo of the woman's face being blocked, "This is my sister." Yan Ruofu to the soul, no wonder Miao Zhou will help her, originally because she had helped his cousin Xie Yun. How is your cousin recently? Yan Ruo turned the topic around. I'll tell you if you care so much about her and invite me to dinner. It seems that she acted as a middleman to ease her relationship with Xie Yun. Yan Ruo looked at the schedule, in addition to next Friday to listen to "Music stage", there is no other arrangement, Qin Miaoyu said she recently gave her more time to improve themselves. "Next Wednesday is fine. What would you like to eat?" "Eat my favorite." …… What is that? Chapter 44 Next Monday, Yan Ruo will go to the "Music Stage" recording stage with a hand banner and a sign. "Music stage" is a program dedicated to big name singers in China. The program is recorded every Monday and broadcast in prime time at 8 pm on Friday. Five singers will participate in each program. Singers who need to release new songs will sing their own title songs on the Music stage program to promote the new songs, and a lucky audience will be selected in the program activities to give a record. In addition to this program, there are all kinds of small singing programs, but the influence is not as wide as "Music Stage", the audience is small, and the broadcast time is not the weekend prime time, so in order to put their proud artists into "Music Stage", it can be said that the agents have sharpened their heads to squeeze in and dredge all the relationships. Wanderer is now able to enter this program, and it can be said that her agent has done a lot for her. The audience of the program is composed of fans of various artists, as well as some members of the public, a total of 300 people. On the day of recording, fans came one after another with signs and banners. Crowded, sea of people, Yan Ruo facing the crowd, wearing a hat and mask, wearing a casual suit, bowed to the recording site. The two girls in front are Youtuan, who are happily discussing the new song of the wanderer. A man passes by them and then speeds up his pace. Yan Ruo immediately stood in front of the man with a cold face. "Give her back what you stole." In two girls, the girl that carries double shoulder bag unloads a bag to look, discovery mobile phone disappeared: "Ah, thief!" The thief looked flustered, knocked open Yan Ruo to escape, suddenly the whole person spinning, and then back to God when the person has fallen to the ground, back burning pain. Surprised,Artificial Marble Slabs, the girl looked at Yan Ruo, who had thrown over her shoulder. "Wow, you are so awesome!" 。 forustone.com

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    Oct 2022
    I miss your tremendous writings. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! io games retro bowl



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