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    Forty thousand years of cultivation

    Stretch your right hand Five fingers open the palm of a hexagonal prismatic spar suddenly shining a white light out of the hand into a sharp arrow whistling away The psionic power that blasted out this arrow of light did not come from the reaction furnace Instead Li Yao compressed his own aura to the extreme and through the increase and acceleration of the spirit amulet in the spar he broke through the super-fast speed of more than three times the speed of sound Blast out the Reiki crit! It looks like a white light column with the thickness of the bowl mouth but in fact the aura in the center has been compressed to the thickness of the needle tip and the light around it is caused by the high-speed vibration and friction of floating particles in the air The surging aura is compressed to the thickness of the needle tip and then sprayed out at three times the speed of sound its power can be imagined This is the strength of the peak cultivator in the Qi refining period! There was a violent Health & Medical explosion in the fog and there seemed to be a heart-rending scream Li Yao however did not care to check the results of the battle as if he had killed a fly and continued to concentrate Sweep forward The more we advance into the city the stronger the air fire we encounter The monster was originally a killing machine concocted for war In the thirty thousand years of conquest civil war and elimination of the monster empire the instinct of killing has been evolved to the extreme The body parts of many monsters It is a powerful weapon in itself It can even directly devour the spar releasing powerful electricity fire acid venom shock waves and mental attacks Over the Red Lotus City there seemed to be a hot cauldron upside down and any target flying in the air whether it was a demon clan or a realist would be attacked devastatingly Li Yao had to lower his height and jump forward in the high-rise urban area gradually approaching his destination Hold on a little longer! He clenched his teeth his eyes were red and as soon as he stepped on his feet he blasted a big hole all over the three floors of an abandoned building Red Lotus City West It was originally a densely populated commercial area And now it's in ruins Are there ruins potholed streets and burning shuttle cars everywhere Of course there are blood stains that have dried up Composed of black silhouettes A semi-underground barricade was erected in front of a collapsed edifice It has a strong defensive symbol array and two fixed flying sword positions Red Lotus City is one of the most northerly towns in the Federation At the beginning of its establishment it took into account the possibility of street fighting and adopted a semi-military model to build it Such barricades are hidden all over the city usually hidden underground once the beast tide rushes into the city it can emerge from the ground and form a defense line A spar chariot carrying the Taiyi Thunder Magnetic Cannon was attacked by the demon clan in the course of its journey It fled here in a panic and together with the soldiers stationed in the barricade relied on the defensive amulet array to support itself They are facing a flood of monster armies China Suppliers The scene presented to the soldiers was like the most horrible nightmare The two-headed python with the thickness of a bucket seems to be stuck between humans and snakes showing a very grotesque expression The beetle which is even bigger than the spar chariot wields a giant sickle more than three meters long and makes a "whirring" sound In the turtle shell covered with barbs a head more than two meters long covered with star spots and two long antennae on the head "crackling" sound from time to time burst out a dazzling arc Even though the flying sword strangled countless monsters more monsters came one after another The defensive symbol array shivered under their collision like a dead leaf in the stormy waves which would be torn swallowed and annihilated at any time Pow! A psionic blaster makes a loud noise but the symbol array is activated too many times in a long time The psionic overload distorts the barrel and severely damages it The veteran who operated the psionic blaster spat red-eyed and reached for it but it was empty We're out of ammo! "All the flying swords have been fired!" "The strength of the defensive symbol array is decreasing and it is predicted that it will not last more than three minutes!" One bad news after another like sticks of dry wood fell into the burning eyes of the soldiers and the flames in their eyes became more and more intense and their expressions gradually became crazy Chain saw sword ready! The old soldier wiped the mud on his face and gritted his teeth The tide in front of us was split on both sides by an invisible force An aggressive figure leisurely swimming over still dozens of meters away the evil spirit swept in like an invisible giant hand squeezing the defensive symbol array The defensive amulet array made a "squeak" sound and one amulet after another went out silently after a sudden flash The hearts of all the soldiers sank into the abyss They are like being in an old and broken submarine sinking thousands of meters into the deep sea listening quietly to the heavy pressure of the sea slowly ravaging the hull of the submarine like urchins ravaging eggs Yes Demon general Finally someone turned pale and said the answer in despair In the face of a large group of unfashionable monsters even low-level demon soldiers they may also be able to carry chainsaw swords to defend the last glory of the Union Army Gifts & Crafts But in the face of a demon any of their efforts are as meaningless as a mantis rushing to a spar chariot The demon will be like a mixture of human and python gradually turning into a human covered with fine scales above the abdomen but with six slender limbs in the blurred fog like a spider with teeth and claws Cut! Demon will mouth spit out a jujube stone size of dark purple light group slowly fly to the defensive symbol array immediately burst out thousands of electric teeth the defensive symbol array tore to pieces! There were now only fifty metres between the barricade and the tide of beasts and — "Whoosh!" A crystal armor like a meteorite falling from the sky fell between the barricade and the beast tide On the surface of the dark gray armor there is a faint golden shimmer At first glance the appearance is crude and wild Careful observation can reveal the fine scales hidden in the deep layer of the armor which makes the crystal armor in a faint halo at any time Poof! A large amount of Reiki shot out from the air guide slot of the crystal armor and condensed into a lifelike pale golden giant eagle on the top of the head with a long roar piercing the sky emitting a powerful momentum trade-global.com

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