Chapter 344 hidden dragons and crouching tigers This is more than nine o'clock how can they not eat big Mei Jie only let Gu Yuzhou and He Jindong rest assured to eat they sit and go Compared with women men also have a means of communication on the table that is drinking He Jindong used local materials directly opened a bottle of wine brought by Deputy Battalion Commander Liu and beckoned Deputy Battalion Commander Liu to the table for drinking "Deputy Battalion Commander Liu had the same temper as Big Mei Jie They were both straightforward They pushed him twice and didn't push him Then they took their seats" Oh you don't have any food to go with the wine "Big Mui Jie left this sentence and went back to her home In less than two minutes she came back with a plate of peanuts and four Salted Duck Egg" She gave Gu Yuzhou two Salted Duck Egg while watching Gu Yuzhou eat noodles and said with a smile "this Salted Duck Egg is also pickled by myself your brother Liu is good at this you also Minerals & Metallurgy taste it if you eat it well you can go to the elder sister's house to get it" Gu Yuzhou peeled off a Salted Duck Egg and broke it off from the middle revealing the oily yolk which made him look appetizing Really delicious big plum elder sister later also teaches me to pickle Salted Duck Egg to make big sauce I also want to try "Gu Yuzhou said sincerely" This craft ah can only be often eaten after you learn it in your own hands Being praised for her good craftsmanship Big Mei was very happy She said to Gu Yuzhou happily "My craftsmanship is still a little bit worse The wife of Chief of Staff Qiu who lives on the second floor of a building is from the Xian clan The spicy cabbage made from pickled vegetables is delicious" And Mrs Lao Wang who lives on the first floor can cook preserved meat Sister Mei has no good taste and is not used to it If you like it you can learn the craft from Mrs Lao Wang tomorrow Big plum elder sister to this piece of each family what the door is clear Gu Yuzhou seems to listen carelessly in fact the heart is silently written down In the future she will often deal with these people not to mention more in-depth contacts at least not to let people find fault with it Big Mei sister said happy Liu deputy battalion commander and He Jindong chat is also good two two liquor Liu deputy battalion commander a little floating also said a lot of troops They have a division of troops stationed here including logistics division headquarters and combat troops all of which have 10000 men The division is the ace heavy mechanized infantry division of the military region with four regiments under its command Among them the infantry battalion that He Jindong is going to is the oldest of the four regiments It has a history of 70 years It has traveled more than half of the country to save the country and protect the people and is now a heavy unit stationed in the capital city Liu deputy battalion commander is also a regiment is a regiment of the only artillery battalion deputy battalion commander the understanding of the situation in the division is limited but the situation in the regiment is particularly clear all told He Jindong Finally he said that he Jindong was going to the installation camp "Brother He China Factory I would like to tell you something from the bottom of my heart You are so young It is right to go to the installation camp to train people It is easier to make contributions during military exercises at all levels The future is boundless" It's just that the training is a little hard Old Bi the battalion commander of your battalion is three years younger than me It's hard to train I'm not convinced by anyone in our group I'm convinced by him If you want to partner with him you have to be prepared to go all out He Jindong actually knew a little about his future boss battalion commander Lao Bi but he never took it to heart He had confidence in himself and felt that he could handle any kind of person When Deputy Battalion Commander Liu saw his disapproving look he patted him on the shoulder and sighed "You will know how powerful he is when you see Old Bi tomorrow!" Liu the deputy battalion commander who set up f1ag drank to the limit and could not drink any more He was dragged home by Big Mei Jie Gu Yuzhou looked at his watch and it was almost twelve o'clock He Jindong will report for duty early tomorrow morning and he has drunk a lot of wine so he has to rest earlier So they didn't even clean up the leftovers and went straight to bed When Gu Yuzhou woke up the next day He Jindong had already gone to report for duty and left her a note asking her to eat on time and call him when she had something to do When she was bored she went to talk to Big Mei Gu Yuzhou laughed He Jindong simply regarded her as a child who did not understand anything and explained so meticulously She got up and made some breakfast to eat and then went to the study to draw for a while No matter how comfortable the chair was she had a backache after sitting for a long time She got up to move her body and felt a little hungry But it was only about ten o'clock now She had just finished breakfast for a while and it was still a little early Energy to make lunch Just as he was wondering if he wanted to get some lunch the door was knocked and then the voice of Big Mei Jie came in Sister are you at home I think it's fine today Would you like to go out and buy some New Year's goods Big Mei Jie shouted outside Seeing that the Chinese New Year is coming there is nothing at home and it is really time to buy some Gu Yuzhou should come down She first invited Big Mei Jie in and then went to the bedroom to change clothes After changing her clothes and coming out Big Mei was eating the melon seeds on the tea table Sister Damei when I came here that day I heard a child crying in your house Is it your child How old are you When she went downstairs Gu Yuzhou chatted with her It's my daughter She's been watching her grandmother for more than five months I'm her canteen Only when she's hungry she cries a few times and asks me to hug her "Big Mei Jie said with resentment" As soon as her voice fell an old couple turned into the stairwell and greeted Big Mui in dialect The old couple's accent was so strong that Gu Yuzhou didn't understand a word but Big Mei Jie had no obstacles to communicate with them and chatted very warmly Big Mei Jie also introduced Gu Yuzhou to them the old couple smiled at her as if to praise her as to what Gu Yuzhou did not know Downstairs the old couple walked in the opposite direction Gu Yuzhou had the opportunity to ask Big Mei Jie "Big Mei Jie who was that couple just now" I didn't think you could understand the dialect! Big Mei smiled and said at the top of her voice "There are people all over the world here You can hear all kinds of dialects You've just come here You've been here for a long time and you've had more contact with them Naturally you'll understand" 。