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    Mar 2023

    What is the monkey type?

    Monkey type is a free online typing practice website that offers a variety of typing tests and games to help improve your typing speed and accuracy. The website offers various typing exercises, including word, sentence, and paragraph typing tests, timed typing races, and typing games.

    One of the features of Monkey type is that it provides real-time feedback on your typing performance, including your words per minute (WPM) typing speed and accuracy. It also provides detailed statistics on your typing performance, such as your error rate and typing speed over time, which can help you track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

    Overall, Monkey type is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their typing skills, whether for personal or professional reasons. With various exercises and games to choose from, you can easily find typing practice that suits your needs and interests.

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    May 2023
    So do you know what the game duck life is? It's a collection of triathlon challenges, try it out.

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    Heardle offers valuable tips and tricks to enhance gameplay, such as listening attentively to song intros, collaborating with friends for added insight, utilizing the skip button strategically, expanding musical knowledge through listening, and regular practice to sharpen skills.



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